Yukon Territory

Yukon is one of the three regions/territories in Canada, located in the northwest of Canada. Yukon is named after the Yukon River flowing through the region, as the name means "big river" in Gwichʼin language. On June 13, 1898, Yukon officially joined the Canadian Federation, and 70% of its people lived in Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon. Yukon is known for its rich minerals; since the rise of the gold rush in the late 19th century, Yukon's mining industry has developed rapidly and became a major pillar of the local economy. The minerals in Yukon are mainly gold, silver, copper, lead and other metals. Hydro power from the Yukon River also serves as another major source of economic income.

K-12 Public Education Bureau

·Board of Directors of First Nation School

·Yukon University (Baima City) -- currently the only university in Yukon


No provincial tax, only 5% federal tax (GST). Its taxes and fees rank the 10th with Alberta, Nunavut and the Northwest, making it the lowest in Canada.

3.Leisure Tourism
The aboriginal culture, the history of the gold rush and the beautiful wilderness in the north together constitute the famous scenic spots in Yukon. Yukon has a vast population wild animals living in spectacular landscapes. It is the only territory in North America that has roads to the Arctic.
You can walk, ski, or take a guided bus to visit the three-mile "sightseeing loop". From wetlands to cliffs, you will find animals such as reindeer, lynx, elk and bison enjoying life across various natural habitats. Another stunning site in Yukon is the Jade Lake, which is an emerald lake formed fourteen thousand years ago carved from glaciers. Its green lake water and its surrounding majestic mountains make it a highly attractive picturesque spot for phography lovers. Moreover, the Crohn National Park in the southern San Elias Mountains has been recognized as a world natural and cultural heritage by UNESCO. Hiking and exploration enthusiasts also visit Yukon for Mount Logan, a mountain with the highest altitude in Canada, and second most highest in all of North America.

4.Annual Income
The individual average annual income
CAD 61,812.00
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