New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a province in the Atlantic region with a total area of 73,440 square kilometers. The province has a population of 751,171. English and French are the official languages of New Brunswick. About 65% of the population speaks English and 32% speaks French. Nova Scotia is also the only province in Canada where both English and French are official languages. The capital of New Brunswick is Fredericton, and the largest city is St. John's. New Brunswick shared boarders with Lawrence to the east, Quebec to the north, Maine to the west, and Nova Scotia to the south. The main climate type of Nova Scotia has a temperate continental climate with significantly cold winters and mellow summers. It is humid, windy, and foggy. The average temperature in January is -15°C, and the average temperature in July is 22°C. August and September are the best tourist seasons. Forest products and food processing are major industries in Nova Scotia. The province is rich in natural resources, with lush natural forests covering 85% of the land area, providing a favorable guarantee for a strong pulp and paper industry.

K-12 School broad:

1.Anglophone North School District 2.Anglophone South School District 3.Anglophone East School District

4.Anglophone West School District 5.Francophone Nord-Est School District 6.Francophone Nord-Ouest School District

7.Francophone Sud School District


1.New Brunswick Community College 2.Maritime College of Forest Technology

3.McKenzie College 4.New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

5.Oulton College

1.Yorkville University 2.the University of New Brunswick 3.Mount Allison University

4.St. Thomas University 5.Université de Moncton
6.Crandall University

7.St. Stephen's University 8.Kingswood University

2. Taxes

Tax: HST=15%

3.Leisure & Travel
Hopewell Rock Park is located on the east coast of New Brunswick, where thousands of years of wave erosion have carved out unique rock formations. These sandstone formations are known as "Flowerpot Rocks" because of their rounded appearance and vegetated tops. These rocks provide unique visible marks of the world's highest tides. Hopewell Rocks Park also has two sandy beaches for sunbathing and numerous hiking trails. With some of the highest tides in the world, Fundy National Park is a true paradise for outdoor adventurers. 75 miles of walking and hiking trails take you through mountains, through canyons, within forests, and passing by waterfalls. Renting a kayak or canoe to freely paddle or drift through the beautiful Bennett Lake is also a relaxing sightseeing experience. Campobello Island, located in New Brunswick, was once one of former US President Franklin Roosevelt’s favorite summer resorts. Here, you can visit the president's summer residence, a beautiful 34-room establishment, participate in the "Eleanor Tea Party" for a mixture of history and refreshments, and interact with local professionals to obtain a deeper understanding of Eleanor Roosevelt's life on Campobello Island. If the outdoors is more your thing, enjoy the park's 2,800 acres of swamps, forests, and shores.


The average annual income of individuals
49,511 Canadian dollars
The average annual income of families
59,000 Canadian dollars
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