Northwest Region

Sparsely populated and known for its cold climate, the Northwest Region is located in the north of Canada, near the Arctic Circle. In the south, it is bordered by the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia along the 60-degree north latitude line, with the Yukon region sitting on its west. It currently spans over 1,171,918 km2, but before Nunavut separated from the Northwest region in 1999, the area was as large as 3,439,296 km2, accounting for one third of Canada's territory. At the time of the 2011 census, the population was 41,462, of which about 50% were indigenous people. The capital is Yellowknife, where you will find the majority of the region’s population. Due to its sparse population, the economy is mainly based on exploitation of natural resources, such as mining of gold, silver, copper, etc., as well as oil and natural gas. Winter is long in the Northwest Region, as its snow does not melt until springtime. In the summer, sunlight lasts 20 hours daily, and the temperature can rise to 15 - 21 degrees Celsius, making it the perfect an environment for hiking and camping lovers. It contains unforgettable exploration. It sure offers the opportunity for you to take yourself out of your comfort zone, into the natural wilderness, and explore the beautiful local community surrounded by nature’s wonders. You can witness the dreamlike northern lights, canoe in the turbulence, explore the vast national park, and experience the unforgettable fishing time in the lake in the northern central area.

1.Educational Resources
K-12 10 school districts (education bureau)

Beaufort Delta District Education Committee (BDEC) Sahhtu District Education Committee (SDEC) (Normanwells) Yellowknife Catholic School (Huangdao Town) National Committee of French-speaking Countries in the Northwest Region (Huangdao Town) SSDEC (Fort Smith)

Deta District Education Bureau (Huangdao Town) Deqiao District Education Committee (DDEC) (Huangdao Town) Yellowknife First Education District (Huangdao Town) Yellowknife Catholic School (Huangdao Town) Ndilo District Education Bureau (Huangdao Town)
Higher education institution: Aurora College Aurora

When Nunavut was founded in 1999, the former Arctic College was divided into Aurora College and Nunavut Arctic College. Aurora College has campuses in Inuvik, Fort Smith and Yellowknife.


No provincial tax, only 5% federal tax (GST). Taxes and fees ranked 10th with Alberta, Nunavut and the Northwest, making it the lowest in Canada.

3.Leisure Tourism
Yellowknife is the capital of northwest Canada, between the Great Bear Lake and the Great Slave Lake. To the south of the Great Slave Lake, there is the famous Buffalo National Park, which is the largest growing area of American Buffalo in Canada. Due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle and cloud-free all the year round, it has become a good place to enjoy the aurora. There are about 200 days a year to see the aurora, and the probability of witnessing the aurora is as high as 95%. The best time to watch the aurora in Yellowknife is from August to the end of September, or from December to April of the next year.

Resolut Village is an Inuit settlement. It is only 320 kilometers away from the North Pole. It is also the best place to see the aurora. At this time, a large number of tourists and photographers will come here to see the extreme beauty of the legend. Every March is another popular time to visit, since Yellowknife has a three-day dogsled race where attendees can observe watch ice sculptures.

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